commercial lightingNew Wave Electric — for business, it’s all plus, no minus.

When it comes to business, the bottom line is that you need electrical power running consistently, effectively and safely. We understand. We have over 12 years experience working on a wide range of commercial electrical projects, for a variety of customers.

New Wave Electric offers business owners alternate approaches and energy-saving solutions to help reduce electricity costs and increase sustainability.

New Construction / Additions / Remodels

New Wave Electric provides full electrical system installs for light commercial projects for business offices, banks, restaurants, gas stations, warehouses, and small business retail spaces.


When running a business, you simply cannot afford lose electricity. We install full back-up generators (CUMMINS) and (GENERAC) for light commercial applications. Our installation process ensures safety, maximum reliability and installation that is code compliant to help keep your business up and running.

LED lighting systems / Indoor / Outdoor / Retrofits

The combination of performance and cost-savings makes upgrading to LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology a smart investment for your business. LED energy costs are typically between 30-60% less than traditional lighting. Coupling LEDs with dimmers and lighting controls reduce costs even further. New Wave can retrofit your old lighting system with a full LED upgrade, using a wide range of stylish new LED lighting options for indoor and outdoor applications.

CCTV / Access Controls / A-PHONE Systems

For both business efficiency and security, New Wave provides the latest in access controls to help keep your place of business safer. That means easier access for your employees, customers and vendors without compromising security and functionality.

For example, A-Phone systems are the perfect solution for monitoring a door or multiple doors from a work station or desk— coupled with an electrified door lock enables your reception staff to “buzz” in customers, employees or vendors easily.

Smart Identification/Security Solutions:

  • A-PHONE Systems
  • Finger Print Scanners
  • Keypads
  • Card Readers
  • Electrified Locks
  • Indoor / Outdoor Camera Systems

Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric car sales in the U.S. are rapidly increasing each year. That trend suggests that more and more car charging stations will be in demand across a broader range of car buyers. In fact, charging stations are being installed in apartment complexes and at workplaces to suit tenants and employee charging needs. As a property or business owner there are important considerations. Who will be charging? How long they will need? What system is right for your business? What are the energy requirements? Can your building’s current electrical system handle the additional power required? In addition, what tax incentives are available in your state to help to offset costs?

New Wave Electric will go the extra mile to help.

Photovoltaic (SOLAR) Systems

This a perfect time in history for business owners to seriously consider a PV (solar) system to offset energy costs. PV (solar) panels and system component technology is rapidly evolving due to increased market pressure to lower costs, without sacrificing performance. In addition, federal and state tax incentives are being made available to help subsidize the use of cleaner, environmentally-friendly, and more sustainable ways of producing energy. New wave Electric is certified by the National American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners for solar system installation.

Thermal Infrared Camera Testing / Maintenance

Using the latest Thermal Infrared testing technology, we scan and analyze images of temperature fluctuations and inconsistencies, real-time, in mechanical equipment and electrical systems. We capture the data, and produce reports on site for you. Thermal Infrared technology is a non-invasive maintenance solution that helps maximize business production, and reduce potential safety hazards.

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What People Say

Very meticulous

We have had the pleasure of working with Lee Iraeta of New Wave Electric on several controlled access systems. He is an energetic and very meticulous electrician whom we highly recommend for all of your electrical needs.
-Jim and Sharon Arsenault, J & B Locksmith Service, Farmington, CT

Most reliable pro I have dealt with

Project: Plan and Install Landscape Lighting.
He is the most professional, responsive and reliable pro I have dealt with. He goes the extra mile to meet customer satisfaction. The company is awesome.
-Shannon W., home owner, CT