• New Wave Electric – Commercial and Residential Services

    New Wave Electric – Commercial and Residential Services

A new age in electricity – a new generation of electrician.

These days rapid advances in electrical technology are providing both home owners and business owners increased energy efficiency and reduced costs. That’s why you need a partner that’s powered for the future – turn on to New Wave Electric. We offer high-voltage and low-voltage electrical services and solutions that include: generator installation, service panel upgrades, new wiring and wiring for remodels and additions, money-saving exterior and interior LED lighting, electric car charging stations, and much more. New Wave Electric is your go-to electrical advisor/contractor for what’s on the cutting edge of integrated electrical solutions for home or office.


We provide the skills and expertise you want and need, whether it’s for a new addition or remodel with the latest energy-saving technologies and products.


New Wave Electric offers business owners alternate approaches and energy-saving solutions to help reduce electricity costs and increase sustainability.

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